State Association

Autonomous Churches seeking the  fellowship, support, and programs of “like-called” congregations have, since  1968, found local relationships within the Wisconsin Congregational  Association. While most of the member Churches are from Wisconsin, there are also member Churches in Upper  Michigan and Illinois.  The Churches of the WCA follow the historic faith and organizational pattern of  the Congregational Way. 

Membership in the Wisconsin Congregational Association is open to any Church that shares the faith and polity convictions  of the Association and accepts the Association Covenant.

The WCA Covenant is:

We covenant with the Lord  and with one another in striving to know the will of God as taught in the Holy  Scriptures, and in our purpose to walk in the ways of the Lord, known or to be  made known to us and to be free from the will of humanity for the purpose of  becoming perfectly subject to the will of God. We voluntarily associate  ourselves together for faith, freedom, and fellowship, with Jesus Christ as our only Head. We affirm and maintain the freedom of individual conscience as enlightened by the Holy Spirit, our only interpreter of the Word of God. We  also claim that each Church shall be free, independent, and forever devoid of  any and all control by the Association.

Pilgrim Congregational  Church has been a member of the WCA since 1968.   For more information, visit:  

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